W-WCHS Career Development Center

W-WCHS Career Development Center
While off campus, visit the link above to discover resources to help you learn about yourself, careers that fit your interests, and education and training required to get jobs in those career fields. 

A variety of information is shared on the site including:

  • Adult Education and Job Information
  • Career Awareness
  • Career Exploration & Planning
  • College Exploration & Planning
  • Dual Enrollment (Move On When Ready)
  • Federal Career Planning Resources
  • Georgia Career Planning Resources
  • Georgia Skilled Trades Exploration
  • Guide for the College Bound Athlete
  • Military Career Exploration
  • Paying for Your Education


Dual Enrollment
Dual Enrollment (formerly known as Move On When Ready) is an early college enrollment program for students in grades 9-12 who qualify to participate. Students may enroll on a part-time or full-time basis as a dual enrollment student and take college courses while still in high school. Students will receive high school and college credit simultaneously when attending and passing approved college classes. To learn more about Dual Enrollment, watch the video below, visit the website listed, then contact Mrs. Callaway, our school counselor. 






  • GAfutures.org--Dual Enrollment-State Scholarships and Grants - Program overview, eligibility, award amounts, participating colleges and universities, course directory, application procedure and deadline, frequently asked questions, and participation agreement 
  • Georgia Career Information Systems
    CAREER CLUSTER INVENTORY-Learn about yourself and career clusters that fit your interests using this inventory. Watch the video below for guidance on how to do that.


    Military Career Exploration Maybe a career in the military is for you. Explore your options below. U.S. Armed Forces TYPES OF MILITARY SERVICE: U.S. Armed Forces Overview TODAY'S MILITARY. Learn about joining, training, working, and living in the armed forces. The Futures magazine (2017, 2018) and the Benefits by the Numbers infographic give a glimpse into the life of soldiers and the excellent benefits they receive as members of the military. Parents and educators may visit the Parents & Educators page to get information about how to support the young people in your lives and help them the make the best decision for their future. CAREERS IN THE MILITARY. This website is a tool to help you find the careers best suited to you and search careers by branch, rank, career cluster, interests, career path, and more. Armed Forces Career Options: Air Force and Air Force Reserve Air National Guard Army and Army Reserve Army National Guard Split Training Program (Enlist junior year of high school) Overview Video Coast Guard and Cost Guard Reserve Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserve Navy and Navy Reserve ASVAB Career Exploration Program. ASVAB Career Exploration Program can give students an idea of their current interests, strengths and weaknesses, and help them learn about a wide range of careers regardless of their post-high school plans. ASVAB Fact Sheet Understanding the ASVAB Test The ASVAB test ASVAB Test Prep. Resources What is the ASVAB? https://www.military.com/join-armed-forces/asvab · 4Tests: https://www.4tests.com/asvab · Mometrix Test Preparation: https://www.mometrix.com/academy/asvab-test/ · ASVAB Tutor: https://asvabtutor.com/ · Union Test Prep: https://uniontestprep.com/asvab

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